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Chesapeake Climate Countdown Citizen Science (CCCCS)
Posted July 17, 2022

Chesapeake Climate Countdown Citizen Science (CCCCS)
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Pictured here are images representing a new Chesapeake Bay Trust Mini-Grant project that is focused on co-learning and
Measuring and Modeling Stream, Soil, and Person Health (MMSSPH) in the Great Transition to a Fair and Healthy Food System: Reconnecting to Our Food and Water with Heritage Seeds and Tree Crops
This is a partnership project of the Chesapeake Education, Arts, Research Society (CHEARS), Steam Onward-Ujamaa Cooperative Farming Alliance, and School of Living-Heathcote Education Center. We thank the Chesapeake Bay Trust Mini-Grant Program for Providing financial support of this project with matching funds from the Partners
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