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Countdown Citizen Science Modeling and Measuring Stream, Soil, and Person Health in the Great Transition to a Fair and Healthy Food System:
Reconnecting to Our Food and Water with Heritage Seeds and Tree Crops

The Chesapeake Education, Arts, Research Society (CHEARS), a volunteer 501(c)(3) organization, with partner non-profits, School of Living (SOL)’s Heathcote Education Center, and Steam Onward/Ujamaa Co-operative Farming Alliance (UCFA) has been awarded a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust (CBT) for a Community Engagement Mini-Grant. Each of these organizations are engaged in different ways in demonstrating sustainable agriculture low impact practices, that foster watershed health, and supporting the Great Food Transition in this decade. This is a transition that science is telling us we must make toward a more healthy, fair, and environmentally responsible food system. The project also addresses in a small way the need for reparation for intergenerational food and nutrition inequity for peoples of color through fostering the use of open pollinated heirloom seed gardens growing culturally meaningful seeds. This is a Multisolving project that seeks to address with a sense of urgency the combined challenges of steadily growing stream and water pollution, loss of habitat, climate change, and persistent intergenerational inequity, as manifest in our land use and food growing sector. The funds requested will be used to support two primary activities: 1) A set of 8 educational co-learning workshops organized by the three partners. The workshops will be designed to engage our community in understanding the urgency of the problem, the historical food system context, as well as studying examples of current food movements that foster low impact foods as well as low-impact growing practices; and 2) Hands on Citizen Science activities modeling the impact of low-impact practices on stream health and soil erosion. Volunteers will conduct regular measurements using the Penn State First Investigation of Stream Health (FISH) protocol and installing soil erosion pins at 3 sites. To support these activities CHEARS requested $4,314 in CBT community engagement mini-grant support and CHEARS pledges a match of $4,314. The project will also involve an estimated $4,800 of in-kind support from volunteers from CHEARS, SOL/Heathcote, and Ujamaa for a total cost of the project of about $13,428.

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November 15, 2022 in Projects

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