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Project Icon   CHIO-SQChesapeake Intergenerational Open Seed Quest (CHIO-SQ)
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  Project Coordinator — Maggie Cahalan

To foster the health and food security of the Greenbelt community, this project of the Chesapeake Education, Arts, and Research Society (CHEARS) is to support the development and implementation of a series of intergenerational hands on educational workshops, and the piloting of citizen science accessible open seed trials in the Three Sisters Gardens and Food Forest. This project, with a focus on Greenbelt is part of a larger pilot initiative of CHEARS to pilot seed exchange libraries in the Chesapeake Watershed region. The project will be designed to foster community engagement and interest in fostering the diversity of local open organic heirloom seeds planted for food security and working for climate change mitigation. The project will have a focus on the history of the local Coastal Plain and Piedmont bioregion’s food heritage. We are calling this project “Chesapeake Open Seed Quest-Greenbelt Intergenerational.” CHEARS is hoping that the workshops and seed saving citizen science trials conducted in Greenbelt and in a sister project in Heathcote Community in a rural area north of Baltimore will serve as a model for development of other seed saving exchanges in the Chesapeake watershed. The project has a special outreach to underserved youth and to senior citizens and persons with disabilities and a goal of supporting urban-agriculture and also fostering rural-urban linkages. The project has a long term goal of establishing a local heritage open organic seed exchange library in Greenbelt and longer term throughout the watershed


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November 15, 2022 in Projects

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