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Project Icon   HEYCOHealthy Eco-Yards Co-op
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  Project Coordinator — Maggie Cahalan

Healthy Eco Yards Cooperative (HEYCO!)
A Hybrid�Consumer-Worker-Research Co-operative

Creating a New Greenbelt Co-op to Support Healthy Food for All Critters (humans and wildlife) in an Era of Climate Change. We want to create landscapes which are beautiful to live in, that provide wildlife habitat, provide a community food harvest, and which reduce in a measured way polluted run-off into our water ways!

HEYCO is a new hybrid-worker-consumer-research co-op that CHEARS non-profit is incubating. HEYCO has a Public Benefit Mission consistent with CHEARS mission. The mission is to promote the health of all life in the Watershed through implementation of Chesapeake Bay Program Best Management Practices (BMP) in residences, businesses and public lands in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. A HEYCO goal is to support community empowerment through landscape and promote community through fostering Community Food Growing Hubs.

Green Job Creation. We also seek to support the creation of Green Job Entrepreneurship Small Business Opportunities for:
�Accredited Permaculture Design Course (PDC) Certified and NOFA Accredited Organic Land Care Professionals
---Health & Wellbeing Coaches who wish to have a focus on outdoor gardening and nature activities
---Student Research and Internship Programs
---Senior Citizens interested in creative environmental problem solving activities, research, artistic expression, and physical outdoor and indoor part-time work opportunities

The major services HEYCO will offer are:
----Permaculture and Organic Land Care design consultation for business, apartment or condo, or private residence
---Discounted HEYCO Greenbelt Locally Nurtured Native and Edible Plants
---Garden construction services (square foot boxes, balcony vertical boxes, rock gardens)
---Co-operative work exchange & support for design, implementation, and maintenance of your artistic-edible estate (Garden �Raising� Events)
---Action Research Projects and Collective Impact Projects on reducing polluted run-off into our waters and adapting and mitigating Climate Change, and promoting more healthy life style choices
----Healthy life style support and coaching
----Targeted consultation and support for implementing Chesapeake Bay Watershed Best Management Practices, and PG County Rain Check Program Support including support for rain barrel installation, Green Roofs, pervious pavement installation, on-site composting and soil building, pesticide and synthetic fertilizer elimination, organic land care practices, rain gardens)

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November 15, 2022 in Projects

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