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  Project Coordinator — Carolyn Lambright-Davis

On a per acre basis, urban runoff contributes twice the excess nutrient and toxic load to the Bay that agrcultural areas contribute. Aided by Permaculture principles a CHEARS strategic objective is to significantly reduce urban and suburban run off by changing our dominant monoculture lawn-based form of landscaping.

In 2010 CHEARS was awarded a $1500 grant from the Greenbelt Community Foundation for the Three Sisters Demonstration Garden project. The grant was matched by CHEARS funds and was used to hold educational workshops on Chesapeake Bay friendly home edible and native plant land care practices; and to support the purchase of fruit and nut trees and the establishing of demonstration gardens in each of the three major geographic areas of Greenbelt (center, east and west). CHEARS also hopes to do some fun raising with the gardens!!

CHEARS has established outdoor classroom gardens that are multi-generational, handicapped accessible. The gardens provide an opportunity for combining gardening with artistic expression and co-learning about sustainable landscaping. Urban runoff contributes unhealthy excess nutrient and toxic load to the Bay.


The Greenbelt City Council has approved space on City property to be set aside for demonstration gardens, but their success will depend upon how much interest there is in creating and maintaining them. Please join us for events to make this happen.

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Click HERE to see a power point presentation on Three Sisters Garden goals and plans. As presentation is long it will take a few minutes to load.

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November 15, 2022 in Projects

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