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Chestory was founded in 1999 by Sara Leeland and the late Tom Wisner, Maryland's first environmental educator who was often known as "the Bard of the Chesapeake". CHESTORY's purpose is to bring the artist in each of us to "express our role in the ongoing story of Chesapeake life and culture; and creating resources for all who want to bring their communities into deeper relationship to the Chesapeake river lands." In January, 2010, CHESTORY was adopted by CHEARS to carry on Tom Wisner's legacy. In April, 2010, Tom Wisner passed away, leaving a wealth and variety of creative expressions of his love of the Chesapeake. His wish was that his gifts be shared widely and that other artists being encouraged as well.
CHESTORY's current projects include:

  • Selling Tom's last two CDs "Made of Water" and "Follow on the Water" (a double CD), and CDs of other local environmental artists, via the CHESTORY website

  • Selling a book of Tom's poetry, art and other writings called "Gather Round Chesapeake - Tom Wisner's Vision", edited by Sara Leeland and published in 2011, and the children's book Bay Babies by Cathy Green and illustrated by the late Mary Beth Harry (proceeds go to the Mary Beth Scholarship Fund sponsored by the Calvert County Arts Council)

  • Creating the Center for the Chesapeake Story Collection and Chestory Virtual Archive, a virtual archive of regional story and song found on the Chesapeake Environmental Literacy website, co-sponsored by and located at the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons, MD

  • Publishing a songbook and accompanying CD called "Singing the Chesapeake." This will be completed in 2012 and will include music for children, written and sung by Tom, Teresa Whitaker and Tom's son, Mark Wisner

  • Creating an art exhibit featuring Tom's art work and collages by the children Tom taught called: "The Art of Healing the Chesapeake: A Tribute to Tom Wisner" which is permanently on display at the Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center on the Severn River in Millersville, MD

  • Sponsoring concerts and workshops and other events to bring Tom's vision, and the vision of so many other artists, educators and advocates, to those who love the Chesapeake Bay and Bioregion.

We think that art, song, and story can help us connect with the deep spiritual experience of the Chesapeake chapter in the on-going story of the Universe. Join us! For further information, contact Joan Clement


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November 15, 2022 in Projects

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