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CHEARS, the CHesapeake Education, Arts and Research Society, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the health of all who share the Chesapeake watershed environment. Learn more: What's going on? Who are we? How can you join us?

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Chesapeake Climate Countdown Citizen Science (CCCCS)
July 17, 2022 — Pictured here are images representing a new Chesapeake Bay Trust Mini-Grant project that is focused on co-learning and
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Food for Life: Let's Beat Breast Cancer
September 18, 2022 — Autumnal Equinox 2022 - By adopting a healthy plant-based diet, not only will you reduce your risk for breast cancer, but also other cancers, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illness, including COVID-19! Come to these CHEARS sponsored Food for Life classes and learn steps you can take right now to reduce your cancer risk and improve survival! The first four classes in the series include information about how certain foods and nutrients can promote or discourage growth of cancers (including breast cancer). The final class focuses specifically on foods relevant to breast cancer risk reduction and survival. The intended audience of this class series includes breast cancer survivors, their family and friends, as well as anyone who wants to learn to cook some health delicious plant based recipes. These classes are not intended for individuals currently going through active cancer treatment. Click here to register for all five classes!
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Chesapeake Climate Countdown Citizen Science (CCCCS)
July 21, 2022 — The project will have two primary activities: 1) A set of 8 educational co-learning workshops organized by the three partners. The workshops will be designed to engage our community in understanding the urgency of the climate problem, the historical food system context, as well as studying examples of current food movements that foster low impact foods as well as low-impact growing practices; and 2) Hands on Citizen Science activities modeling the impact of low-impact practices on stream health and soil erosion. Volunteers will conduct regular measurements using the Penn State First Investigation of Stream Health (FISH) protocol and installing soil erosion pins at 4 sites (2 in the coastal-Plain and 2 in the Piedmont).
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Seed Library Workshop with Tegan[Margaret Cahalan][.pdf]

Cooperative Gardens Commission webinar with Bonnetta[Margaret Cahalan][.pdf]

Open Seed Quest update[Margaret Cahalan][.pdf]

Perennial Plant Propagation workshop[Margaret Cahalan][.pdf]

Seed Saving for Home Gardeners workshop[Margaret Cahalan][.pdf]

"Seed Saving for Home Gardeners" links[Margaret Cahalan][.pdf]

Home-Based Seed Saving Exchange workshop[Margaret Cahalan][.pdf]

Chesapeake Open Seed Quest: Citizen Science project[Margaret Cahalan][.pdf]

CHEARS Newsletter, first quarter, 2020[Margaret Cahalan][.pdf]

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Center for the Chesapeake Story

Cheasapeake Countdown Climate Citizen Science

Chesapeake Environmental Literacy

Chesapeake Intergenerational Open Seed Quest (CHIO-SQ)

Films, Community discussions & Good Chear Parties

Greenbelt Climate Action Network

Greenman Annual Festival in Greenbelt

Healthy Eco-Yards Co-op

Implementing Two Drawdown Climate Solutions at Many Streams Farm: Tree Intercropping/Alley Cropping and Plant Based Diet

Music and more celebrating the Chesapeake

Springhill Lake Earth Squad

Three Sisters Gardens & Food Forest

Water Quality Tracing

CHESTORYCenter for the Chesapeake Story
Project Coordinator Joan Clement
CCCCSCheasapeake Countdown Climate Citizen Science
Project Coordinator Maggie Cahalan
Countdown Citizen Science Modeling and Measuring Stream, Soil, and Person Health in the Great Transition to a Fair and Healthy Food System: Reconnecting to Our Food and Water with Heritage Seeds and Tree Crops The project has two primary activities: 1) A set of 8 educational co-learning workshops organized by the three partners. The workshops will be designed to engage our community in understanding the urgency of the problem, the historical food system context, as
CHELChesapeake Environmental Literacy
Project Coordinator Joan Clement
CHIO-SQChesapeake Intergenerational Open Seed Quest (CHIO-SQ)
Project Coordinator Maggie Cahalan
CHEARS and partners School of Living Heathcote Education launched a new initiative in 2020 focused on co-learning and citizen science to help foster seed literacy. We are looking for volunteers to help propagate and grow native plants, save open pollinated seeds and establish one or more seed exchange libraries. This will help provide a source of locally adapted seed and promote local food security.
Home Salons/PartiesFilms, Community discussions & Good Chear Parties
Project Coordinator Eugenia Kalnay
Since its start in 2006, CHEARS has been involved in organizing community building and informational events through films, discussions and parties. Some of these are organized as potlucks with film or shared activities such as the annual Solstice party with a mindful walk and fire circle. See the CHEARS newsletters for information.
GCANGreenbelt Climate Action Network
Project Coordinator Lore Rosenthal
GCAN's mission is to educate residents about climate change, how they can change their behavior and take political action. From September to June monthly meetings are held at the Greenbelt Community Center on the Second Wednesday of the month.
The Green ManGreenman Annual Festival in Greenbelt
Project Coordinator Richard McMullin
The Green Man Festival in Greenbelt started in May of 2005. It has been held on Mother's Day Weekend for the last seven years. The Green Man came to life in many cultures from the shadowy, forested world of early man. He made his way through the ages in folklore, songs, stone carvings in cathedrals and art in humble cottages. The Green Man is known to many as the Spirit of the Natural World, but takes on many different roles.

HEYCOHealthy Eco-Yards Co-op
Project Coordinator Maggie Cahalan
Healthy Eco Yards Cooperative (HEYCO!) HEYCO is a new co-op that CHEARS is incubating. with a mission to promote the health of all life in the Watershed through implementation of organic Best Management Practices (BMP)and organic land care in residences, businesses and public lands in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. We want to co-learn and help create landscapes which are beautiful to live in, that provide wildlife habitat and a community food harvest in the context of climate change.
PASA Alley CroppingImplementing Two Drawdown Climate Solutions at Many Streams Farm: Tree Intercropping/Alley Cropping and Plant Based Diet
Project Coordinator Maggie Cahalan
This CHEARS project, has a goal to implement, model, and measure, the impact of two Project Drawdown solutions: Tree Intercropping/alley cropping and fostering a Plant Based Diet. The Partners in the project are: School of Living Heathcote Education Center, Ujamaa Cooperative Farming Alliance, and Forested. The project is part of a Pennsylvania Society for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) project to demonstrate alley cropping in 3 PA farms.
StoneSoupMusic and more celebrating the Chesapeake
Project Coordinator Richard McMullin
Earth SquadSpringhill Lake Earth Squad
Project Coordinator Carolyn Lambright-Davis
The Earth Squad is a co-learning tutoring and mentoring project that practices stewardship for the Three Sisters Gardens and Food Forest. The project was begun in 2015 and after school sessions are held at the Springhill Lake Recreation Center and in the Gardens. In fall 2021, the Earth Squad began meeting 3 days a week (Mon. Wed. and Friday) in the Springhill Lake Recreation Center and in the Three Sisters Gardens and Food Forest outdoor classroom.
Three Sisters Gardens & Food Forest
Project Coordinator Carolyn Lambright-Davis
CHEARS volunteers, work to demonstrate sustainable growing practices and healthy food options for a healthier watershed. To volunteer, contact Carolyn Lambright-Davis for the Springhill Lake Garden; Joe Robbins for the Center Garden, and Effie Levnor for the Schrom Park Garden. See our Three Sisters and Food Forest pages for more information
FlowsWater Quality Tracing
Project Coordinator Robert Cahalan
Study water quality in the Chesapeake watershed, and in a Guatemalan watershed of Lago Atitlán, linked to the Chesapeake by migration and climate change.

CHesapeake Education Arts Research Society

November 15, 2022 in Projects

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