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What are CHEARS' Goals?

CHEARS is dedicated to the health of the Chesapeake Watershed, and has five interrelated and equally important goals. These goals are described below, and a summary of our approach to each goal can be found by selecting each of the five links below.

Goal 1: "To restore, steward, and enhance the physical and spiritual health of our Chesapeake Watershed, in its multiple dimensions, as expressed by its diversity of air, land, water, plants, animals, and natural and managed ecosystems." More...


Goal 2: "To share knowledge of our watershed, with education projects that effectively engage us in learning about our diverse bioregion." More...


Goal 3: "To foster artistic expression related to our watershed's human, natural and environmental issues." More...


Goal 4: "To engage in research directed towards innovative problem solving in stewardship of our bioregion and our planet." More...


Goal 5: "To work towards creating a sustainable, equitable, and nurturing society within our bioregion, recognizing our linkages in space between rural, suburban and urban life--and in time between our bioregion's past, current and future generations. We seek to foster egalitarian modes of organization to achieve our goals, promoting community among our members." More...


November 15, 2022 in Projects

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CHEARS is an all-volunteer 501c3 nonprofit.

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