Goal 3: "To foster artistic expression related to our watershed's human, natural and environmental issues."

"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave. --Dakota Saying"

The Need: Every person, at every age, in every culture, has an inborn need for beauty and communion with nature. What is often lacking, however, in our increasingly “mechanized” modern world, is the recognition that nature is all of a piece, and that the human race’s attempts to dominate and exploit various aspects of this fragile fabric of life may ultimately destroy it. Since beauty and the arts – in both their natural and human-made manifestations – speak to us so eloquently, we believe they may be one of the most effective ways to reach the emotions, the mind and the spirit of everyone who lives in, or is concerned with the survival of, the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (CBW). Communication of factual information is critical, but how that is done matters greatly.

If in the following we seem to offer a point of view or critique, please allow yourself to take it in, and then respond. Our activities are geared to involve, educate, and entertain. We believe that everyone is an artist, is creative, and loves beauty and our precious natural world. We welcome your participation and feedback.

CHEARS Approach: To help in formulating your possible contributions and suggestions, try this:

HEAR what all living things are saying about their environment...
Whether from the land or water, what is the CBW communicating to you?

HEART is the center of our being and the place from which creativity flows...
Given what you hear, what emotions and ideas and opinions do you have?

REACH with your body, voice, art, music, pen to express a vision for what needs to be...
Using your instrument of choice, will you join us in expressing your desires?

CHEARS Current Arts Activities: During the next few months, the ARTS Council will be setting up several activities. One is a fund-raiser which will include eats, entertainment and exhibits, either in Greenbelt or Takoma Park, MD. If you would like to contribute ideas, funds, labor, food, or a performance, or would be interested in serving on the Arts Council, please contact Marcia Freeman. Thanks and stay tuned!

Other Ways You Can You Get Involved?

  • Mentor/Tutor: The Earth Squad/Tutoring program is in need of volunteer tutors who can commit to one and half hours each week. Volunteers are also needed to plan and lead monthly fun and service projects with the students. Contact for more information.

  • Donate: We collect used computer and software for local students. We are hoping to provide each student in the Earth Scouts/Tutoring program with a recycled computer with educational and environmental education software. If you have a working computer with a CD drive that you would like to donate (laptops or desktop), please contact

  • Attend CHEARS Events:

Contact: Marcia Freeman

Lambright-Davis, Carolyn, Cahalan, and Maggie, 2021: Aug-Sept 2021 Invites to Poetry, Healthy Food, Fall Gardens, CHIO-SQ Seed Orders. August 2021, September 2021 Constant Contact email announcement. (Distributed) [Abstract] [Full Text (PDF)]

Lambright-Davis, C., and M. Cahalan, 2021: Thank You Greenbelt and COVID 19 Update From CHEARS. Greenbelt City Council Meeting, Nov 23 2020. (Presented) [Abstract] [Full Text (PDF)]

Margaret Cahalan, 2021: Three Types of Winter Sowing and Solstice Celebration. December 21 2021. (Accepted) [Abstract] [Full Text (PDF)]

Cahalan, Margaret, and Lincoln Smith, 2021: PASA Alley Cropping Preliminary Concept Designs. Prepared for Meghan Giroux, PASA Alley Cropping Project expert consultant, November 2021. Partners include: CHEARS/Many Streams Farm; School of Living Heathcote/Oberon Farm; Ujamaa Cooperative Farming Alliance, and Forested.. (submitted) [Abstract] [Full Text (PDF)]

Carolyn Lambright Davis, Margaret Cahalan, 2017: Citizen science and organic land care project. Announcement and Flyer. (Accepted) [Abstract] [Full Text (PDF)]

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