Recent Activity in 2021

Grafting with Lincoln Smith[Lincoln Smith; Maggie Cahalan][.pdf]

Events for Juneteenth 2021[Cahalan, M.][.pdf]

Events Aug-Nov 2021[Margaret Cahalan][.pdf]

Aug-Sept 2021 Invites to Poetry, Healthy Food, Fall Gardens, CHIO-SQ Seed Orders[Lambright-Davis; Carolyn; Cahalan; Maggie][.pdf]

Thank You Greenbelt and COVID 19 Update From CHEARS[Lambright-Davis, C.; Cahalan, M.][.pdf]

Three Types of Winter Sowing and Solstice Celebration[Margaret Cahalan][.pdf]

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Center Garden Work Day

We’ve installed the standing raised bed in the center of the circle and have a layer of fresh compost.

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