These lessons were created by teachers, for students.  All lessons are aligned with Maryland state standards and satisfy Environmental Literacy requirements.  The best part?  They’re all free for you to use, change, adapt, and print!

We would like to thank our partners, Calvert Marine Museum and the UMCES Chesapeake Biology Laboratory, and the Dominion K-12 Education Partnership for their support of our 2012-2013 teacher working group project, Crafting Local Curriculum: Interdisciplinary Chesapeake.


Blue Crabs (grade K, 1 or 2)
Biology, hydrology, ecology, reading, writing, art, music, theater/kinesthetic/movement

Don’t Pollute the Bay! (grade K)
fishing on the pierEcology, hydrology, pedology, social studies, art

Make a Fossil (grade 4)
Paleontology, biology, ecology, art

Rivers to the Bay (grade 3)
Math, social studies

Camouflage (grade K)
Biology, ecology, art, reading comprehension

Change of Habitat (grade 3)
Biology, ecology, reading comprehension, writing, art

Dear Doctor Wetlands (grade 3)
Biology, hydrology, ecology, reading, writing, art


Lesson Template:  PDF file  |  Word file

See the Useful Links page for Environmental Literacy and other Maryland state standards