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Jagged Yellow Line marks the Appalachian Trail (AT) that crosses the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (CBW), and connects Georgia to Maine, via States in between. Length: About 2,200 miles (3,500 km)

Cyan-outlined area is the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (CBW). Click anywhere within cyan or yellow lines to see a list of the 8 major river drainage basins that feed into the Bay, or info on the AT.

Red diamonds within the CBW mark confluences in our Chesapeake Bay Watershed. These red diamond locations are at calibration flowsites for the Chesapeake Bay Program's Phase 5 watershed model.

Gold diamonds mark the sites of CHEARS workshops and other CHEARS activities. Click any red or gold diamond for more info!

Blue lines show kayak routes from near Wild Meadows and Many Streams Farms (gold diamonds), to the Juniata-Susquehanna confluence at Duncannon PA, to the Chesapeake Bay, across Back Creek canal via Elk River to the Delaware Bay, then down the inland waterway to the Peace Smuggler home of CHEARS on Chincoteague Island, VA (gold diamond).

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November 15, 2022 in Projects

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