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CHEARS, the CHesapeake Education, Arts and Research Society, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the health of all who share the Chesapeake watershed environment. Learn more: What's going on? Who are we? How can you join us?

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Scattering the Milkweed Seeds
December 21, 2014 — University of Maryland Students scatter milkweed seeds far and wide at Fall Tree Pruning and Polyculture Design Workshop
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December 19, 2014 — CHEARS is excited and honored to present JOHN BUCK of the international firm, Sociocracy Consulting Group and AILEEN KROLL, Greenbelt consultant. How: Click Here for more information and to Register!

Drawn to the grassroots spirit of Greenbelt activism, John and Aileen offer a highly interactive and engaging training designed for everyone who’s ever been in a meeting and wondered, “How can we do this better?” Dynamic Governance (DG), also called Sociocracy, is a consent-based decision making process and a new way of structuring power. Elegantly simple, DG is a profound change from business as usual.

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December 18, 2014 — The best way to find out about CHEARS events for the month is from our new Newsletter that we publish around the first of every month.

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Project Icon Projects

Three Sisters Demonstration Gardens & Food Forest

Wild Meadows Farm, Permaculture Design

Annual Festival in Greenbelt

Center for the Chesapeake Story

Chesapeake Environmental Literacy

Environmental Films & Community Discussions

Greenbelt Climate Action Network

Greenbelt Food Forest

Greenbelt Forest Stewardship Project

Music and more celebrating the Chesapeake

Water Quality Tracing

Three Sisters Demonstration Gardens & Food Forest

Project Coordinator Maggie Cahalan
Working with the Greenbelt community and Public Works Department, the Gardens continue to offer fun, outdoor spaces that demonstrate sustainable growing practices and healthy food options for a healthier watershed. Aided by permaculture principles, we can significantly reduce urban and suburban run off by changing our dominant lawn-based monoculture form of landscaping. See our Permaculture page for more.

Wild Meadows Farm, Permaculture Design

Project Coordinator Joel Cahalan
This PA certified organic farm engages strategies that promote and accelerate the transition to a sustainable human culture. We grow and sell farm products using biointensive and permaculture techniques, offer ecological design and implementation services and organize experiential learning events. We partner with CHEARS to magnify our impact and co-create strong networks of resilient communities.

The Green Man
Annual Festival in Greenbelt

Project Coordinator Richard McMullin
The Green Man Festival in Greenbelt started in May of 2005. It has been held on Mother's Day Weekend for the last seven years. The Green Man came to life in many cultures from the shadowy, forested world of early man. He made his way through the ages in folklore, songs, stone carvings in cathedrals and art in humble cottages. The Green Man is known to many as the Spirit of the Natural World, but takes on many different roles.

Center for the Chesapeake Story

Project Coordinator Joan Clement
The Center for the Chesapeake Story was founded in 1999 by Sara Leeland and the late Tom Wisner, Maryland’s first environmental educator and “Bard of the Chesapeake.” Our purpose is to bring the artist in each of us to express our role in the ongoing story of Chesapeake life and culture; and creating resources for all who want to bring their communities into deeper relationship to the Chesapeake river lands.

Chesapeake Environmental Literacy

Project Coordinator Concetta Laskey
Creating and sharing fun ways learn about ecology and the environment through activities, workshops, and training sessions. Funding by the Chesapeake Bay Trust and Dominion Energy's K-12 Education Partnership to support our work with Maryland teachers and students. Home of the Chestory Virtual Archive, your place to find Tom Wisner's university-tested strategies, activities, and lessons focused on bringing the environment and the arts back together in the classroom and outside.

Home Salon
Environmental Films & Community Discussions

Project Coordinator Steve Kane
Since fall 2007, CHEARS develops and presents films related to the health of the Chesapeake bioregion. Our purpose is 1) to foster co-learning and community of endeavor among participants about timely environmental and social justice issues; 2) to foster local and sustainable food alternatives. 3) to support and fund raise for local, national, and international endeavors that are consistent with our goals.

Greenbelt Climate Action Network

Project Coordinator Lore Rosenthal
GCAN's mission is to educate residents about climate change, how they can change their behavior and take political action. From September to June monthly meetings are held at the Greenbelt Community Center on the Second Wednesday of the month.

Greenbelt Food Forest

Project Coordinator Kimberly Walsh
A permaculture forest garden mimics the architecture and beneficial relationships of a natural forest. Food forests are not ‘natural’, but are designed and managed ecosystems that are very rich in biodiversity and productivity. See our Permaculture page for more, and get involved with our Forest Stewards Program!

Greenbelt Forest Stewardship Project
Project Coordinator Unknown
Providing knowledge and care of our remnant woods through community forestry workshops and natural resource management.

Stone Soup
Music and more celebrating the Chesapeake

Project Coordinator Richard McMullin
Music, arts, crafts, and community engagement that celebrates and enlightens about the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Activities include the CHEARS Fall Harvest Festival and Nine Lives Yard Sales.

Water Quality Tracing

Project Coordinator Robert Cahalan
Place Based Education and Research Project---Follow the water from a spring on Wild Meadows Farm near the Eastern Divide in Pennsylvania as it joins Bobs Creek, then observe its transformations as it joins successively Dunnings Creek, the Juniata River, the Susquehanna River, the Cheseapeake Bay, and finally the Atlantic Ocean. To join, contact Bob and keep an eye on the Flows Blog.

CHesapeake Education Arts Research Society

December 20, 2014 in Images

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